A very common error in English


The photo is of a bridge near my home. If you can peer through the Delhi smog, you’ll spot some writing: Qasim love Shasli.

I wish Qasim well. But, I would like to point out a grammatical error. It should read: Qasim loves Shasli.

This type of grammatical error happens when the subject and verb do not agree. The absence of subject-verb agreement is a very common error.

Let’s look at the verb: to love. Here are its different forms in the present tense:

I love

You love

He loves / She love

Qasim loves / Shasli loves

We love

You love

They love

Other verbs receive the same treatment. I like becomes Rahul likes. And I meet becomes she meets.

The next time you hear someone speak, keep your ears peeled for subject-verb agreement. You may be surprised to hear how many times the subject and verb just don’t agree!


Author: amalfabian

I am an English language corporate trainer based in India. Am attracted to printed matter and I like to scribble sometimes.

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