Some advice on IELTS

Many candidates find IELTS to be challenging. If you prepare well, you can do well. Here are some tips:

  • Practice your paraphrasing skills. This will especially help you in the writing section.
  • Use simple language. You do not have to use fancy words to do well. If you do use advanced vocabulary, make sure that you know what it means.
  • Read the question! Many times, candidates start answering the question they are expecting, and not the question that has been asked. When you do this, you go completely off topic.

There is a lot of material out there, and it can get overwhelming at times. Here are some resources that I strongly recommend.

If you are serious about getting a high band, do consider purchasing this book:

Official Guide to IELTS It’s published by Cambridge. And it will give you a good idea as to what types of questions to expect and how to answer them.

Here are some helpful websites:

IELTS Tips from British Council


Author: amalfabian

I am an English language corporate trainer based in India. Am attracted to printed matter and I like to scribble sometimes.

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