Q and the Magic of Grammar

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The map of the Grammar Dimension 


Q and the Magic of Grammar

I have noticed that many people find grammar to be daunting and well, frankly just boring. And that is why I wrote this book.

Q and the Magic of Grammar is a story interwoven with grammar. Q, the protagonist, travels through a fantastical landscape and meets trees that talk in the breeze, a bookworm named Wow, and the Uncountables (a group of fashionably dressed men who cannot be counted).

While he learns grammar through conversation, trouble is brewing in the Garden of Grammar. And it will be up to Q to save his world.

This book is for young adults and for those who are young at heart.

A review of the book

Here is a review by Arun Ganapathy. Arun is an English trainer at the British Council and he writes for the Times of India column ‘Speaking Tree’.

Grammar can be difficult and boring at the best of times. Or at least so I thought until I read Amal Fabian’s Q and the Magic of Grammar. Here is a book that makes grammar really palatable. The book sets the reader off on a journey with Q and P through the Grammar Dimension. It’s a journey of discovery through a magical landscape: filled with word peckers and towers all pink. The latter represent the articles – and here’s what happens when you are at them ‘the towers were pink; then one tower turned red – it was tower ‘a’. … he placed the word balloon in tower ‘a’, the word floated up—- the tower was pink again.’

It’s a magical child’s world in which trees teach and the word peckers talk; it’s a world through which Amal transports you easily. Before you know it, Q is journeying through adverbs and the present tense, conditionals and clauses, – and some interesting nuggets as well.  For example, did you know that the word ‘glamour’ comes from ‘grammar’? “A long time ago”, the Grammar Wizard explains, “Grammar meant more than what it means today… People thought a person who knew grammar was mysterious and had many secrets…. they started to pronounce the word grammar differently. They replaced the first r in grammar with an l. And that is how the word glamour came.”

We are finally at the punctuation grove. There is a lesson here that sums the book up, but I’ll come to that in just a minute.

First, Q’s been making notes through his journey and now it’s time for a test. Thirteen questions; if he fails more than two of them the dimension could fall back into chaos. He almost fails… well, almost. Grammar is easy: we make it difficult. That was the lesson I told you I would tell you. It was a lesson to teach him how to use a colon. But it also sums up this book; it’s a book that might change your perspective about grammar – forever.

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