Indianisms: We are like that only!

Indianisms is one of my favourite topics. It comprises of expressions that are specific to the country. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with them. However, if one is communicating with people from other countries, it would be a good idea to not use them. After all, the purpose of communication is to be understood by the other person.

Here are some Indianisms which you should be aware of:

1.Do the needful

This is a classic Indianism. Try to re-phrase it. Perhaps: Please take care of it.

2. Kindly

Another classic. Instead of kindly note… go for: please note

3. Concerned department

Ah, if only departments were truly concerned about our problems. You could try: relevant department.


Now you know how to convert this sentence into international English:

Kindly do the needful and send the documents to the concerned department.





Author: amalfabian

I am an English language corporate trainer based in India. Am attracted to printed matter and I like to scribble sometimes.

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