English Vinglish in corporate India


In urban India, English is everywhere. There is an explosion of books being published in the language. Shop signs, newspapers, and even many traffic warnings are written in a language which originated on an island, far from these shores.

And yes, corporate communication is in English. In New Delhi, when two Hindi-speaking people meet for business, there is a strong probability that they will negotiating in a second language: English.

Given the dominance of the language in education and business, I expected that people in the corporate sector would be (reasonably) proficient in the language. My experience of 4 years of delivering training has proved otherwise.

Many young executives (and some senior ones as well) are not content with their level of English. They are not comfortable with the language and often find it difficult to express their opinions and ideas. Indian communication tends to be very formal and at times, cumbersome. This is in stark contrast with the friendlier, semi-formal business style which is used in the United States and many other English-speaking countries.

English Vinglish in Indian offices can be simpler, clearer, and friendlier.




Author: amalfabian

I am an English language corporate trainer based in India. Am attracted to printed matter and I like to scribble sometimes.

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